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Full Webinar Series with EXAM AND CERTIFICATE

Full Webinar Series with EXAM AND CERTIFICATE

The Complete Course in Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers WITH EXAM AND CERTIFICATE

This acclaimed series of 10 1-hour webinars provides a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to this radical new approach for coaching clients undergoing change.

Presented by the co-originator and co-author of the Chaos Theory of Careers, Prof Jim Bright takes you through the ideas behind the framework, the key concepts and importantly introduces 5 new powerful tools to use in your coaching practice: 1 checklist, 2 psychometric on-line inventories, and 2 card sorts. In addition he shows you how you can use narrative powerfully with this method and introduces a new model of creativity that provides a model for working with clients.

Originally broadcast through mid-to-late 2012, these are the recordings of the original webinar series and contain questions and comments from the attendees from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.
Session Title
1 Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers: complexity, change and chance - An introduction to a radical new framework for understanding the nature of change and how to help clients in transition
2 Using the Exploring Reality Chaos Checklist to validate client's coping with change - This freeresource hosted online by Bright and Associates, is being used by 1000s of clients around the world to appreciate how they are already thriving on change and chaos.You will learn how to use the results of this free test in your coaching and counselling practice.
3 Using the Attractors to understand coachee thinking and overcome limitations. You will learn about the four different Attractors and how they influence your client's thinking.You will learn how to identify the different Attractors at work within your client and how best to work with clients using the different Attractors.
4 Coaching clients to see fractal patterns in their actions. Taking Fractal action for authentic livingYou will learn how to interpret the complex patterns in your client's life and circumstances and how to encourage action that is spontaneous and also authentic.
5 Coaching with Narrative and Plots to enhance self-clarity, overcome limitation and motivate actionYou will learn the strengths and weaknesses of working with client stories and ways of enhancing personal transformation though re-plotting client stories using the 7 Essential plots.
6 Using the Change Perception Index with clients - understanding the barriers to change for clients or groups.You will learn how to use this inexpensive and powerful online instrument to clarify how your clients think about and react to change. Used in many applictions for personal career change, change management initiatives in organisations and rehabilitation.
7 Using the Luck Readiness Index with clients. Promoting opportunity awareness with clients or groups.You will learn how to use this inexpensive and powerful online instrument to understand your clients levels of opportunity awareness. Used in many applications for personal career change, change management initiatives in organisations and rehabilitation.
8 Using Signposts cards with Clients - helping clients make the links with their fundamental values and deep beliefs.You will learn how to use this visually stunning card sort to rapidly assist clients understand and make links between their essential world-view and their career opportunities.
9 Using Creative Thinking Strategies Cards with Clients - to enhance creative and optimistic solutions to challenges faced by individuals or groups. You will learn how to use this large and powerful card sort to assist clients in overcoming self-limited thinking and to generate solutions to barriers in their change transition.
10 Applying The Beyond Personal Mastery® model of Creative Coaching - using a practical framework to coach clients undergoing change.You will learn how to apply a powerful model of personal and organisational change to guide your approach to coaching and counseling.
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