New Dates for courses 2014 Announced!


Melbourne 3-Day Career Coaching Counselling & Assessment Course 22-24 October 2014

Sydney 3-Day Career Coaching Counselling & Assessment Course 9-11 September 2014

Adelaide 3-Day Career Coaching Counselling & Assessment Course 15-17 July 2014

Perth May 3-Day Career Coaching Counselling & Assessment Course 18-20 November 2014


Brisbane 3-Day Career Coaching Counselling & Assessment Course 18-20 March 2015

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Free Access to Webinars 1 - 4 of the 10 webinar series Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers


These webinars are part of a series of 10 1-hour webinars. They provide an introduction to this radical new approach for coaching clients undergoing change. Presented by the co-originator and co-author of the Chaos Theory of Careers, Prof Jim Bright takes you through the ideas behind the framework. Originally broadcast through mid-to-late 2012, these are the recordings of the original webinar series and contain questions and comments from the attendees from USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Webinars come with handout notes and some other resources.

1 Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers: complexity, change and chance - An introduction to a radical new framework for understanding the nature of change and how to help clients in transition

2 Using the Exploring Reality Chaos Checklist to validate client's coping with change - This freeresource hosted online by Bright and Associates, is being used by 1000s of clients around the world to appreciate how they are already thriving on change and chaos.You will learn how to use the results of this free test in your coaching and counselling practice.

3 Using the Attractors to understand coachee thinking and overcome limitations. You will learn about the four different Attractors and how they influence your client's thinking.You will learn how to identify the different Attractors at work within your client and how best to work with clients using the different Attractors.

4 Coaching clients to see fractal patterns in their actions. Taking Fractal action for authentic livingYou will learn how to interpret the complex patterns in your client's life and circumstances and how to encourage action that is spontaneous and also authentic.


Webinar 1 - Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers: complexity, change and chance

Webinar 2 - How to use the Exploring Chaos Reality Checklist in Coaching for Change using Chaos

Webinar 3 – Coaching with the Chaos Theory of Careers: Using the Attractors

Webinar 4 – Coaching clients to see fractal patterns in their actions.

The complete series of 10 webinars introduces 5 new powerful tools to use in your coaching practice: 1 checklist, 2 psychometric on-line inventories, and 2 card sorts. In addition he shows you how you can use narrative powerfully with this method and introduces a new model of creativity that provides a model for working with clients.

Our New book Brilliant Graduate CV with Jo Earl and David Winter

Our new book is out now. Completely re-written for new graduates, up to date research and advice with extensive coverage of social media.

Brilliant Graduate CV

Careers Resources at Brightcareers Youtube channel

Brightcareers Youtube channel is where we post occasional videos related to careers and the Chaos Theory of Careers. We hope you find it useful for your work.

A lot of people ask for a resource to explain the Chaos Theory of Careers in (relatively!) succinct terms. Here are a couple of resources to help you with that. The first is an interview done with Cindy Funk, Head of The Center for Student Professional Development at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. You can watch it here

The second is a link to a short film on my Youtube channel BrightCareers called Where will you be? It has had over 18,000 views which is not bad for a careers-related film! You can find the film on the channel BrightCareers

Recent Columns in the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald


I cast a critical eye over Chris Lilley's new show Jonah from a Career Development perspective. What impressed was a man getting perilously close to being way too old to play a school student, bringing to mind a particularly unfunny double act, the Krankies, who specialised in the "joke" of an adult dressing as a child. As I am pretty sure that Lilley is not aiming at self-parody, this is a career problem if he continues to want to portray adolescents.

In praise of raising the retirement age to 70 and the impact upon bowls clubs. Bowling greens will have more security than a gun-toting athlete living in a gated community. This will serve to keep out the large hordes of have-not pensioners who will be left to congregate on street corners and in skateboard parks. Monty Python were prescient in their Hell's Grannies sketch, as these elderly disenfranchised but still physically healthy specimens will have no outlet for their pent-up energies. Muggings and other petty crime will increase.

How caffeine can fend off corruption Apparently in the next James Bond film, Q (played by George Clooney) issues Bond with a Nespresso machine and more pods than a glutinous child takes into a matinee at a multiplex cinema. Bond's Aston Martin is programmed to stop at every driver reviver, where our hero tops up on volunteer coffee and Kit Kats. By the end of the movie Bond is unable to sleep and has gained 30 kilograms.

Why UK Education Minister Michael Gove has the wrong idea about career development. When was the last time you used a differential equation or integrated anything? I thought not. So let's cut out the middle men here - we don't need these woolly-jumpered, beardy maths teachers with their scientific calculators; we need real-life role models to teach us the rudiments. Who better than Wayne Swann to teach our kids how to run a budget, and I nominate Craig Thompson to run sessions on credit card use.

Some Highlights from 2013

My Ten Rules of Career Success. Embracing uncertainty is a sound job strategy, Jim Bright writes. If you are thinking about your career, here are 10 rules derived from the Chaos Theory of Careers that might help you.Change is inevitable (except from a vending machine)

Why pets at work are a good idea unless they are flat packed. Pets can be a great help in our working life, Jim Bright writes. This week I was feeling somewhat flat; however, not quite a flat as our cat Missy.

Why learning to compromise is a key to career success.The art of compromise is the key to success in your work and personal life, writes Jim Bright. Are you in the perfect job? Have you found the exactly right role?

How a small number of people have a disproportionate effect on your career. Learn to tell your Lucifers from your Eellogofusciouhipoppokunuriouses, writes Jim Bright. All work is social. We produce products for other people and we serve other people.

Why career development is vital to economies Helping people realise their potential at work has far-reaching benefits, writes Jim Bright. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! It seems to be all I have heard during the election campaign.

Here are some recent Career Development Columns from Jim Bright.

Some blog highlights


The Day my Dog became a Triangle Dogs are not triangles. Any fool knows this. They don’t even bother assessing this knowledge when they issue you with a dog license. So it was very awkward indeed when my dog became a triangle. For a start her name is Chloe. This is less embarrassing to call out at our local dog park compared to “Pythagoras”, even if people called Chloe do get offended when I point out it is a dog’s name. Equilateral would be a very inappropriate name for a Welsh Springer Spaniel. Scalene sounds like a skin disease or a song by Dolly Parton. Isosceles, well now we are getting just a tad pretentious.

22 Effective Coaching questions: Pixar's 22 rules of story-telling applied to coaching Coaching can benefit from animation company Pixar and their rules of story telling. Pixar has 22 rules of story telling, according to David Price, the author of Pixar Touch – see his blog here. He gleaned these rules from the tweets of Emma Coats, a Pixar storyboard artist. I think they can be usefully applied in coaching. See what you think.

How do people react to change? Some facts and figures So how much do we know about people’s reactions to change? I’ve been collecting reactions to change of individuals in my coaching and research for several years. The data below come from over 600 responses to my online tests (except where indicated) – the Change Perception Index and the Luck Readiness Index.

These stats about change – may surprise you!



There are two great opportunities to attend PD events before the end of the year in Perth and Sydney.

Career Coaching, Counselling & Assessment 3-day certification course

Courses in Brisbane, Sydney,Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth  

Career Coaching Certification Course

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Career Coaching and Career Conversations

Jim works with Govt and Corporate Clients in Sydney and Melbourne, offering career coaching and careeer conversation services in relation to career development, redeployment, outplacement and performance management. He also works with individuals. Please enquire for more details

Career Conferences worth attending


National Career Development Association Conference Long Beach, California, June 19-21 2014

International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance Conferences Quebec, Canada June 4 - 6 2014, Tsukuba, Japan September 18-21 2015

CANSW Conference 24th Sydney, October 2014

National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services Annual Conference, Ahead of the Curve, Wollongong, NSW, Nov 30- Dec 3 2014






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Corporate Training


Bright and Associates have been training people around the world for 24 years. Their courses are renowned for the amount of information they contain that promotes transformation of attitudes, knowledge and behaviour of those attending.

By offering courses in a targeted range of human resource related areas, Bright and Associates deliver information rich courses that have real substance and powerful take home messages. All the courses come with very extensive notes, workbooks and often books written by Jim Bright, PhD.


Most Bright and Associates courses are personally presented by Jim Bright, PhD. Jim has gained a well-earned reputation around the world for his entertaining deliver style. He is in demand on the speakers circuit as well as delivering training courses, addressing groups as diverse as Group Training Australia, Disability Support Network, Pharmaceuticals Companies and many Government Departments.


Bright and Associates courses are evidence-based.

Find out more about these Corporate Courses here:

  • Authentic Coaching Career Conversations for Work Excellence®
  • StressSmart® 1-day Training
  • Applying for Jobs and Promotions 1-day Training
  • Doing Good Work: Working Well With Different Ethical Styles
  • Behavioural Interviewing
  • Beyond Personal Mastery Creativity and Innovation
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    CICA ENDORSED Post Grad Cert in Career Development


    CICA ENDORSED Post Grad Cert in Career Development




    Career Coaching Course

    Career Counselling, Coaching & Assessment  

    Career Coaching Certification Course

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    A new perspective on Goal setting

    ‘We have needed this considered and careful exploration of the use of goals in coaching to challenge any number of blithe assumptions. The range of perspectives and the depth of coverage in this volume will encourage more reflective and effective engagement to help clients change what matters. I’m adding it to our “must-read” list for coaching supervisors.’ Douglas Riddle, Global Director Coaching Services & Assessment Portfolio, Center for Creative Leadership, US

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  • Online Coaching Profiles of Reactions to Change

    Change Perception Index

    Change is one of the realities of modern life and work. This Change Perception Index is designed to assess your thinking about change in your career and life. Understanding your current thinking about change will provide important insights into how you can best deal with change in the future. It may also help to identify specific career development needs. 50 questions, only $9 AUS per administration including PDF printable report and email report.

    The background to this test can explored in these publications: Bright, J.E.H. & Pryor, R.G.L.. (2007). Chaotic Careers Assessment: how constructivist and psychometric techniques can be integrated into work and life decision making. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 23 (2), 30-45. and in Pryor, R & Bright, J. (2011). The Chaos Theory of Careers. Routledge: New York & London.

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